We are…

A visionary communications agency, with access to the world of business, literate in the ways institutions and companies work.
We embark on a journey with our client after figuring out our client’s needs using detailed analysis’. With years of experience we decipher the ever changing codes of communications industry everyday anew.
Without ever losing our enthusiasm, we can come up with restrained solutions during time of crisis.
We are seminal in vision, cool in style, flexible in ideas.
We do not limit our creativity and work is fun for us. But we never lack discipline or take our commitments lightly.

The secret to working this magnificent machine called İZ Communications in a rattling pace, is team work.
One for all, all for one! Because ‘İZ’ comes from the Turkish word ‘BİZ’ which means ‘US’.
We meticulously plan what we can do for you. First we get to know your brand, learn about it.
Then we decide on the strategies that would work for you. We shape your image together and get it ready to present it to the world.
Using our strong business network, we position your voice both in traditional and digital media in the best way possible.
Then we reach our targets with events, productions, projects and initiatives tailored for you, in a short period of time. We work hard to make it happen.



Nedim Özkan graduated from Istanbul University, Public Relations and Publicity Department of the Faculty of Communications. He started his career in 1987 at Dünya Newspaper. He worked as a reporter at Para magazine and Sabah newspaper’s economy section. Then he worked as the news manager of Autoshow, a magazine of Hurriyet Magazine Group and as the Chief Editor at Istanbul Life magazine. From 1998 to 2001 he was the vice manager of the NTV Magazine Group andv NTV Executive Board Member. He moved on to the communications field in 2003. He worked at Medyaevi Public Relations for two years. Between 2005 and 2010 he worked as the general manager of Mese Communications. Having founded İz Communications in 2010, Nedim Özkan currently is the chairman of the company.

Our team

It is easy to talk about yourself. But it is hard to be enunciative of yourself, and harder to express yourself correctly.
İZ Communications team is built of experts who are assertive in the area of ‘accurate communication’. We are experienced, young and young-minded professionals in this challenging business.
We are a team excited for every detail in our work and we also solve every crisis without wavering under pressure.
We are fun, creative, disciplined and we never give up our principles.
The secret to our success is being able to turn the tide when we encaunter contradictions. As İZ Communications team achieves this goal, we also keep up the perfect team spirit with solidarity, cooperation and taking action together.
Starting from content creation, moving on to the communication of these content materials to the process of reporting, we share all the excitement at every step with the brand, on this adventurous journey.
While working with zero error principle, we make sure we do not lose our creative spirit.

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