Reputation Management

If awareness towards your brand, quality of its works and its dependability are high, your record is good and your reputation is strong.
Reputation loss of a company, and also its growth is vital. Today’s business world is fast, unstable and competitive. Reputation loss is something that should be avoided in such an environment.
Thus, institutional reputation management for companies is not a luxury, it is a necessity. In the foundation of İZ Communications’ services, lies an effective institutional reputation management.
Your brand and its image, the way it is perceived, the trust it evokes, is more important than anything for us. Therefore, every step we take to protect and strengthen your reputation is planned ahead.

Media Communication

What are your goals? Where do you think is the top? Who do you want to reach? Together, we find the answers to these questions and we design communication plans for our business partners.
We produce content that is unique, expressive without causing any misunderstandings and with real news value.
We make sure this content reaches the right medium, with the right message at the right time.
We build bridges between our business partners and journalists for them to establish long lasting relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust.

Content Management

No one reads an ordinary, boring text, full of cliché. Dull stories don’t qualify for a second look. While presenting you, it is our job to reflect your work enthusiasm in the content we produce.
Everybody has a story. Let us find yours and tell it to the world.
When we showcase your story all the eyes will turn to you. Everybody will wonder what will happen next.
Quality content communicates your message without boring the audience and losing the attention.
İZ Communications processes the raw material it gets from its business partners and works meticulously on it to create main messages for the target mass, keeping it simple to its core.
While we shape content with our most creative approach, we strive to find the balance that would work best to pass our message.

Leadership Communication

A leader is the face and the engine of a company and a brand. That’s why, İZ Communications sees positioning leadership as an inseparable part of company’s general reputation management.
A trustworthy leader with a good reputation has all the power to lift the company’s image up to desired levels.
We prepare detailed strategic plans compatible with the qualities of your company’s leader.
We make a long-term perspective planning to show the public that your leader is trustworthy, innovative, exemplary, visionary and decisive. We aim to introduce your leader with his/her best traits.
And as always, we believe that the best communication is achieved through the right medium and channel, with the correct content, in a proper tone at a proper level.

Crisis Management

Don’t panic! Because İZ Communications is with you.
Business world is full of obscurity. In every business industry, unexpected developments may break out. What matters is whether you are ready for it, or not. It is important to overcome crisis without damage.
Leave managing the crisis to us. We believe detecting the risks and threats beforehand and taking precautions is crucial in managing a crisis. That’s why we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
We had mentioned about our experience and speed. With these traits of ours, we gather our team of experts in no time, put together a communication strategy and immediately put it in motion through the most effective channels.

Social Media

We know very well that communication is not limited to traditional media. Our creative team of social media experts are online 24/7. We make sure our business partners reach social media users and our strategic planning is based on online reputation management.
We develop relationships with opinion leaders of the field. Never neglecting digital media, we pursue our business partners’ virtual existence very closely.


We keep records of every step we take and the results we get. We analyze and report the results of communication tasks we run through all channels effectively.
We measure, compare and evaluate everything. We make sure our partners evaluate themselves, their industry and their competition in the right way. We pioneer action for improvement in necessary areas.

Media Trainings

When you express yourself on the media, the spokesperson delivering your message and how it is delivered effects your whole communication strategy. You can create a huge value with the right choice and you can experience a big loss with the wrong one.
It is crucial for us that our business partners understand how media works. That’s why we explain the world of news to the business world in detail, at our media trainings.
Journalists’ approach to news and the news sources, what to be careful about when communicating with the journalists are demonstrated with real life examples.
Our media trainings help our business partners with the right positioning in the media. They also help us create a common language with them and this strengthens our collaboration.


Sometimes, the best strategy option for our business partners is to come together with their target mass, media and important figures of the industry. And the best way to do it is to organize an event that would turn all eyes to the brand and the company.
We figure out the best event options for our business partner, we organize it, and we measure its return, evaluate and report it.
We plan, organize and execute seminars, conventions, symposiums, dealer and customer meetings, culture and art activities, festivals with İZ Communications experience and mastery.



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